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Summer Explorations: Promoting the Value of Leadership and Adaptability [Instructor Viewpoint]

Posted by Jared Johnson

Mar 31, 2016 10:26:51 AM

Are you looking for an experience to grow your leadership skills? Do you seek an exploration that combines the wonders of nature and science? Look no further!


Michigan Tech’s Outdoor Adventure Programs (OAP) and Summer Youth Programs (SYP) have combined forces to provide unforgettable summer courses that inspire students to develop their leadership and adaptability, all while building meaningful relationships with one another, and, of course, nature.

Jared Johnson, the Assistant Director of the Outdoor Adventure Programs, offers a look at what to expect from our summer outdoor programs.

The outdoors provide a great classroom for learning many different things.  Science is abundant in nature: biology, physics, chemistry, and much more.  However, there are many other lessons that can be taught using nature and the outdoors as a classroom. The Outdoor Adventure Programs also target developing important skills like leading and being adaptable. 

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you suddenly had little or no control?  A camping trip can be planned down to the minutest detail, but there are many factors beyond our control that can alter this plan.  Weather is the most common culprit.  We have no control over the wind, rain, sun or snow, and being able to handle that uncertainty and adjust accordingly is just one part of being a good leader.  Most of the skills that are learned in the outdoors can be transferred to other areas, including academics, employment, volunteer work, and even how you interact with those around you, family and friends.

The Outdoor Skills and Leadership course focuses on learning these skills, and then putting them into practice.  Students will plan and prepare for an outdoor adventure and through that process learn many useful skills including: map reading, meal planning, risk assessment, emergency planning, group skill level assessment, flexibility and adaptability. 

If this sounds like the course for you, sign up now! The Outdoor Skills and Leadership course runs July 17 to 23 this year. Spots are filling up quickly!

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