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Let Our Summer Camp Experience Exceed Your Expectations!

Posted by Courtney Rickard

Mar 18, 2016 4:30:29 PM

As classes fill up, some students aren't getting into their first preference of summer explorations here at Michigan Tech's Summer Youth Programs. We understand how disappointing that can be. It's okay though! Every year we have students enroll in their second preference, and the experience exceeds their expectations!

It can be difficult to hear that the course you want is full, but luckily for you, Summer Youth Programs has a wide variety of programs that fit all your interests: anything from Geological Engineering to Computer Graphics and Design; Outdoor Skills and Leadership to Medical Physiology.

Here are 3 reasons you shouldn't be discouraged just because your top preference is no longer available:

1. No matter what, you learn a lot...

So your first choice would have been Aviation and Aerospace? Rocketry and Space Science is a great way to stay in the same vein of aviation, but with a slightly different twist of building rockets and sending them hundreds of feet in the air. There are many options of related courses! Check out our course catalog for exploration possibilities:

Course Catalog


2. ...and you'll have fun doing it! 

I could write about how great SYP is, but I'll let you read what last summer's participants had to say:

"I have done this for 2 years now. It sparks my interest to learn in different ways. It's a good experience."


"I absolutely loved this camp and would love to return next year; with so many opportunities here, I would love to visit again."


3. You'll experience a college campus.

No matter what class you take, you gain valuable experience while at Summer Youth Programs. Here, you'll learn the ins and outs of living the residence halls and eating in the dining halls, as well as discovering the independence that comes along with spending a week on a college campus.


We strive to make the learning experience expand beyond the walls of the classroom, so if you're top choice is full, consider the other possibilities and the knowledge attained at Summer Youth Programs. The learning that occurs in and out of the classroom makes each student's experience unique and fulfilling. Sign up now for an unforgettable summer!

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