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5 SYP Explorations You Should Consider Attending

Posted by Amanda McConnon

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Mar 2, 2016 12:44:56 PM

With spring just around the corner, our Summer Youth Program courses are filling up and will be here before long! If you are having trouble deciding which course to take this summer, here are 5 explorations you should consider! 

Geological Engineering

Grades 6-8  |  July 17-23, 2016
Grades 9-11 | July 10-16, 2016


The Keweenaw Peninsula is called the Copper Country because of its rich deposits of copper. Geological Engineering will take you on a journey through the incredible history of Keweenaw geology, discover how rocks are formed and spend time outside examining geological evidence, mapping ancient lava flows, explore underground mines and more!

Introduction to Microbiology
Grades 6-8  |  July 17-23, 2016


 Explore another world unseen by the naked eye! In this course you will learn basic microbiology techniques including the use of a microscope, staining specimen, streaking pure cultures, performing cell density counts and viability counts. Explore different career paths in the field of microbiology including lab technicians in medical and industrial applications.

Civil Engineering
Grades 6-8  |  July 17-23, 2016
Grades 9-11 | July 10-16, 2016


Have you ever wondered how civil engineers design and build skyscrapers? How are bridges strong enough to hold the weight of traffic? Answer these and other questions by making and breaking concrete, creating models, and visiting local structures designed by civil engineers.

Wild World of Chemistry
Grades 6-8  |  July 10-16, 2016
Grades 9-11 | July 17-23, 2016


Get ready for hands-on chemistry! In this program, you will create slime and other cool polymer materials to discover the weird-and-wild properties that set them apart from “normal” materials. You will synthesize aspirin in the same laboratories used by Michigan Tech students, explore light emission, light absorption and other unique characteristics to affect the structure and behavior of matter.

Materials Science and Engineering
Grades 6-8  |  July 10-16, 2016
Grades 9-11 | July24-30, 2016


Materials are everywhere, and understanding their basic science allows us to engineer new and improved materials. How do we create materials? And how do we measure their behaviors so that we can compare them? Explore these questions using a balanced mixture of science and hands-on engineering. 

None of these courses seem to spark an interest? We have many additional explorations with spots still remaining! Check out details on other courses by visiting our online catalog or scholarship opportunities to find the best fit for you this summer.

We hope to see you soon!


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