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3 SYP Engineering Course You Should Look At!

Posted by Amanda McConnon

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Apr 6, 2016 1:16:43 PM

Do you know which engineers design and build skyscrapers or which use animation modeling? We have many engineering programs available for students going into 6-11th grade, and here are three engineering courses you should consider at our Summer Youth Programs. 



Civil Engineering
Grades 6 - 8 • July 17-July 23
How do civil engineers design and build skyscrapers? How are bridges strong enough to hold the weight of traffic? Answer these and other questions by making and breaking concrete, creating models, and visiting local structures designed by civil engineers.


Geological Engineering
Grades 6 - 8 • July 17-July 23 
Grades 9 - 11 • July 10-July 16 

Geological Engineering will take you on a journey through the incredible history of Keweenaw geology: from the formation an ancient volcanic rift and its enormous lodes of native copper, to the glaciers that uncovered them, and the miners who powered the Keweenaw's thriving copper mining industry through the early 1900's. In the lab, you will discover how rocks and minerals are formed and learn to use specialized tools and the scientific method. You will spend most of the week outside, examining geological evidence, mapping ancient lava flows and rock beds, exploring underground mines, collecting samples at old mines and on the beaches of Lake Superior.


Mining Engineering and Operations
Grades 9 - 11 • July 24 - July 30

Get an inside look at the field of mining engineering by looking at autonomous underground mine truck operations, as well as the technologies that model mines and their inner workings. This program provides a hands-on experience with mine system simulation and animation modeling. You will learn about a lab-scale autonomous mine truck, explore the applications of autonomous equipment in mining engineering, and see mine sites around the Keweenaw!

 Each engineering program is special and provides a unique view of the challenges that those engineers faces everyday!

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None of these what you are looking for? We offer about 10 other engineering courses you can choose from. Check out our couse catalog for a complete list.

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We hope to see you this summer! 


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